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Mirror reflection

Eucalyptus flower-bud opening-up - The Cap / Lid coming-off! I didn't even know eucaluptus had flowers!

The Three Nails Collection Photoshop Action Set | Greater Than Gatsby

Container Home, Not a Tiny House but thinking outside the box.

This is how books work

I love crashing waves!

Creepy double exposure... Stunning Photo Manipulations by Irina Istratova

What's really at the bottom of the well...

Tigers - street art

subtraction graffiti

Hot Air Balloons, multiple exposures, film photograph {Lomography .com's Home Of The Day (11/12/2013) by megs79 - }

"Älva" Dark faerie-like creature.

Metamorphosis II - M.C. Escher

Balaa Sinkhole in Lebanon

Scotney Old Castle,Kent,UK

Body art: lighting over the ocean

"Yellow Brick Road, Beech Mountain, NC"

I can't believe this is a thing. :( so much for hand-laid brick paths

Illustrations by Amália Lage

Positano, Italy

Spiraly stairs

'Owl Dream' by Jorge Garza

Rustic relic // Image by Veer contributor pictureguy

Picture in a picture

France, St Etienne abandoned church