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letthewavescarrymeaway: psychofactz: More Facts on Psychofacts :) well that sounds about right…

20 famous people when they were young.

Here Are 20 Famous People When They Were Young. I Can’t Believe Some Of These.

Dreams reveal feelings… Kortni jayne Flake!! Sydney Jade Pierce!!! MY DREAM LAST NIGHT!!! I guess they do reveal feelings .

Dreams reveal feelings… - WTF fun facts This is in no way a good thing to me. I've had some really screwed up dreams!

Most boring day in the world -  WTF fun facts

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Your voice changes when talking to people you like - WTF fun facts

When I talk to people I like my voice gets higher and sometimes I fall into this annoying baby voice.

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Homograph SMART Board Lesson

WTF fun fact - Jellyfish & lobsters are considered biologically immortal - they don't age & will never die unless they are killed.

E os outros 5%?

uh yaaa as in there's a chance that you meet them before you're totally makes sense so this isn't a crazy statistic or anything


Hmm, ok well I listen to a lot of rock stuff, screaming, hardcore but sometimes I listen to owl city and that's the total opposite