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STEVEN IVY - Seven months after Illinois became the last state in the nation to allow concealed weapons, the Illinois Bankers Association is fielding calls from banks about what they might want to do... Unlike schools, hospitals, government buildings and buses, where concealed weapons are still prohibited, the law does not prohibit guns in banks, leaving it up to the institutions themselves to decide.

Trump finally gives Rudy Giuliani a job ... kind of Read more Technology News Here --> Former New York City Mayor and recent Donald Trump superfan Rudy Giuliani has finally been blessed with a government job the small fruit perhaps of spending 2016 praising the president-elect at every opportunity. The job is not quite a job really but hey. Giuliani after apparently being considered for secretary of state will instead be an informal cybersecurity advisor…

How Germany Builds Twice As Many Cars As The U.S. While Paying Its Workers Twice As Much

CORPORATIONS have BOUGHT REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS to MANIPULATE the LAWS in Their Favor but also have purchased major MEDIA outlets TO KEEP YOU FROM the TRUTH.

WH Quietly Passed a Law Making Insider Trading Easier for US Politicians.....How many more things are gonna pass during the Boston distraction???????

BREAKING NEWS: Another abortion clinic CLOSED! Houston Clinic Loses License for Doing 268 Illegal Abortions Breaking Pro-Life Law

What is a Government Employee?

Several state Attorneys General have publicly announced that they will not defend their state laws against such legal challenges, and United States Attorney General Eric Holder recently came out in support of these state officials. Read more http://

In a key development, a well-known workers’ union of Australia has urged the administration to favor the nation’s citizens & permanent residents in a fresh law allegedly tailored to strengthen favoritism laws.

Anti-drone 'death ray' can blast vehicles out of the sky from a mile away

People could use it to disable hobbyists’ drones but Liteye’s Anti-UAV Defense System has practical applications for law enforcement and government too