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50 Years Old

Year Old

Texas 50

Sherman Texas



White Female

Neck Brace


***MISSING*** Jewel Dixon - Sherman, Texas 50 year old white female

Today Was A Good Day Quotes

If You Only Knew Quotes

Real True Love Quotes

Quotes On Loss

Being Hurt Quotes

Words Hurt Quotes

Losing A Loved One Quotes

Loss Of A Loved One Quotes

Life Is Good Quotes

Grieve the loss of a person who is still alive


5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play

Connections 5

Corkboard Connections


Math Enrichment Activities

Maths Ks2

Addition Activities

Math Tutoring

Math Center Games

Math Facts Games

If you're not making time for math games, your students are missing out! Check out these 5 math games every classroom needs to play!

Prompt 30

Writing Prompts Dialogue

Book Prompts

Story Prompts

Writing Ideas

Writing Stuff

Years Well

3 Years

Three Years

Writing prompt: #dialogue prompt #30

1912 Olympics

Months 6

32 Minutes

Days 5

54 Years

Missing Person

Marathon Runners

5 Hours


TIL at the 1912 Olympics a marathon runner quit and went home to Japan without telling officials and was considered a missing person in Sweden for 50 years. In 1966 he was invited to complete the marathon. His time: 54 years 8 months 6 days 5 hours 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds.

Candy Wasn'T

Candy 1950

Franklin Candy

John Franklin

Candy John

John Candy Funny

Candy Planes

Candy October

Canadian Actor

Gentleman John Candy. He gave away most of his money during his career to charity or to build nfp hospitals. Good, Good Man.

Mom's Favorite Stufffrom Mom's Favorite Stuff

Organizing Bills So You Don't Miss a Payment

Financial Planning

Financial Stuff

Financial Freedom

Financial Knowledge

Financial Security

Financial Binder

Money Tips

Money Ideas

Save Money

Personal Family Finance Tips: Organizing Your Bills So You Don't Miss a Payment With Free Printable

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

There Is A Maze In England That Is Shaped Like A Dalek

Giant Doctor

The Doctor

Giant Dalek

Mark Doctor

Massive Doctor

Doctor Nerd

Random Doctor

Amazing Doctor

Doctor Who Dalek

has unveiled its summer attraction - a Doctor Who themed maze. | There Is A Maze In England That Is Shaped Like ADalek

Frances Jessica

Queen Jessica

Lange Frances

Named Jessica

Inimitable Jessica

Frances Film

Jessica Lange 1949

People We

Frances Farmer

Much nominated, stage and screen actress, Jessica Lange. (Like Fay Wray 50 years earlier, she gained broad recognition as the 'love interest' in the movie "King Kong")

Fred Astaire And Ginger Rogers

Rogers Fred

Fred And Ginger

Astaire Rogers

Rogers Amp

Astaire 1899

Und Ginger

Rogers 1911

Rogers 1980S

Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire, 1982. Los Angeles: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers take a turn around the dance floor June 23rd during luncheon celebrating RKO General's donation of RKO Radio Pictures' archives to the University of California, Los Angeles.

Movies Tv Film Etc

Movies Posters Books

Fav Movies

Hammersteins Movies

Musical Movies

Musical Things

Movie Faves

Movie Time

Tv Books

Blog post: I missed the only year of my life when I could sing, "I am sixteen going on seventeen."

Gorgeous Hats

Style Beautiful


Gorgeous Grand

Gorgeous Woman

Senior Fashion Woman

Lady Fashion

Stylish Older

Stylish Ladies

ADVANCED STYLE: Gitte Lee : The Art of Personal Style

Colonel Potter

Col Potter

Potter Harry

Potter Mash

Col Sherman

Colonel Sherman

1915 December

December 7

Dec 7

Harry Morgan -- Mash (TV), The Ox Bow Incident - TV actor for over 50 years played with Spring Byington and Betty White years ago - also starred in soap operas of yesteryear.

Eared Squirrel

Cute Squirrel

Fire Squirrel

Squirrel Country

Colorful Squirrel

Unusual Squirrel

Confused Squirrel

Squirrel White

Photo Squirrel

Squirrel - I had two as pets. I really miss them, they were absolutely wonderful! I've never seen this beautiful coloration before, though. I wonder what this kind of squirrel is called?

Welk Lawrence

Music Lawrence

Nice Memories

Childhood Memories

Welk Watched

1982 Watched

Music Moves

Music Music Music

Mine Music

Lawrence Welk (March 11, 1903 – May 17, 1992) was an accordionist and bandleader who hosted The Lawrence Welk Show on ABC from 1955 to 1982.

20 1959

1959 March

March 20


Bicycle Queen

Bicycle Bicycle

Bicycle Shorpy

Bicycle Style

Shorpy Historical Photos

Sixteen-year-old actress Annette Funicello, Bicycle Queen of 1959.

Actor Clark Gable

Clark Gable King

Awards 1958

Academy Awards

Movie Teacher'S


Gable 1958

Gable Doris

Filmstars Men

Clark Gable & Doris Day, 1958. They appeared together in the movie, "Teacher's Pet", released the same year.

People Younger

Younger Days

Entertainers Actresses

Actors Actresses Directors

Tandy Played

Tandy 1909

Movie Fried

Fave Flicks Actors

Jessica Tandy

Jessica TANDY '40-50-60 (7 Juin 1909 - 11 Septembre 1994. Jessie Tandy (Hackney, Londres; 7 de junio de 1909 - Easton, Connecticut; 11 de septiembre de 1994) fue una actriz de teatro, cine y televisión británica, ganadora de los premios Óscar en 1989 y quien estrenó el papel de Blanche DuBois en Un tranvía llamado Deseo en 1948.

Steve's Personal Blogfrom Steve's Personal Blog

The Drive-Thru Theory

1950S Retro

1950S Diner

Retro Roadettes

Pinup Retro

Retro Cafe

Drive Ins

Mel S Drive

Drive In Diner

Drive Thru

The Drive-Thru Theory | Steve's Personal Blog

1956 Elvis

Elvis Elvis Elvis

Music Elvis

Elvis Aaron

Elvis Fake

Elvis Baby

Vegas Elvis

23Rd Elvis

1950'S Music


Taylor 1959

Taylor Imdb

1959 Liz

Taylor Suddenly

1959 Suddenly

Filming Suddenly

Summer 1959

Summer Vintagesummer

Summer Photo

Elizabeth Taylor beach