my childhood<33333

True American Pride :) ~This guy was told by his Homeowners Association that he couldn't fly the American flag in his yard. So...

i got way too excited over this when i was a kid. i had a stash of them i intended on trying to "cash in" but never got around to. i lol at myself now.

this guy is my hero! OCD at its finest!!... every time I go by I want to do this!!!!!

The good old days

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Out of all the 90's posts, this is absolutely the most accurate one. I had EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things. No. Joke. :O

14 Most Terrifying Childhood Hairstyles… Died.Laughing.

I Love How Accurate This Is

Men vs. Women: haha so true, except with the car and mans car and room are the same..messy!! haha

I'm gonna have this

90s. If only it were acceptable to write everything with milk/glitter gel pens!!

I think every 90's girl is guilty of owning these

more like middle school for me!

Snaps!...omg I loved these things and confession...I still do!!

Teenager posts always relatable.... Hmmm wonder why? Born in 1997



the 90's?! shit...