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  • Carly Flood

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  • laura Alamo

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  • Zoey Roseful

    beach hair style side french braid, diagonally into a messy bun

  • Dena White

    Beach Braid #Hair Style #hairstyle #girl hairstyle|

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I have had an obsession with having wavy beach hair as long as I can remember...and I can never achieve it...maybe this will be the one way to do it!

Blonde over brown. Is it coming back in style? Who knows. This looks pretty sweet though

Get a spray bottle and mix together 2 cups of warm water, and a tablespoon each of sea salt and coconut oil. Spray this on wet hair. Section off hair in as many pieces as you have patience for, then twist each section. Then let it dry and shake it out. That’s it. Really. Hint: The less you heat style your hair, the healthier it will be, and the better this will start looking!

DIY Beach Spray - Made this today, and am IN LOVE! I have naturally curly hair that has always been frizzy and looked yucky because of the dry, non-humid, climate I live in. This made my hair as curly as it was when I was little! No frizz, either.

Beach hair...this would be perfect for me! hair, top...etc. :)

Two braids on each side, wrapped around mini buns, adorable.

Celtic Knot Hair Tutorial... i tied about 1000 of these for my wedding, i can totally figure this out in my hair right?

I lvoe everything about this!

Day 1 = Lauren Conrad. She inspires me to be everything I already am but with added glamour and perfection. One day I'll get there.

DYI sea salt spray for beachy hair. I'm def going to be trying this out.