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    How To Start Saving Vegetable Seeds



    • Brooke Mróz

      how to save vegetable seed..great idea, buy organic, save the seeds, no need to worry about consuming GMO's

    • Janie Jones

      How to save vegetable seeds to re-plant. (Organic works best because you know it isn't GMO and will produce. Depending on the veggie or fruit, depends on how long they should dry before storing them)

    • Bridget Ertelt

      how to save vegetable seed.....from favorites in your garden or the grocery store

    • Melissa Ward

      How To Start Saving Vegetable Seeds. Can't wait to start my own garden!

    • Rachel Brown

      How to save vegetable seeds to re-plant. Can't wait for summer!

    • Richelle Lee

      How To Start Saving Vegetable Seeds | Apartment Therapy

    • Mabel Morris

      How to save vegetable seeds to re-plant.

    • Susan Sneller

      How to start saving seeds @gardening

    • Crystal Fleming

      saving seeds Instructions 1. Chose your vegetables. You can save and plant the seeds from most vegetables but you might have more success with some than others. Some supermarket varieties are hybrids and have less or sterile seeds and while they may grow they may not fruit, but it's always fun to try. Using 'heirloom' or organic vegetables generally means they will grow and fruit more abundantly. Plus you're helping protect the species into the future! 2. Cut the vegetables as you would normally to expose the seeds. This will vary depending what vegetable you're using but generally topping and/or tailing it and cutting it in half should get the job done. 3. Extract the seeds by either scraping, plucking or squeezing. Again, this will depend on the vegetable and for me half the fun is figuring it out. 4. Clean the seeds. It's pretty important to get the seeds as clean as you can, the flesh around the seeds protects them and can stop them germinating. You can rinse the seeds and gently rub them to get rid of the flesh at this stage but I think it's easier to do it when they've dried out. 5. To dry the seeds set them on a sheet of newspaper and spread them out. Set the paper in a warm dry place and leave them for at least a couple of hours. I usually leave them for a day to make sure they are completely dry. You might want to mark on the sheet of newspaper what the seeds are just in case you forget. 6. Label to envelopes with the seed types and if you think your collection could get big you might want to add a date. 7. Once the seeds have dried completely put them in their envelopes, seal it and keep them in a dry place until you're ready to grow them, swap them or gift them!

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