just saw a lady and the girls said "Is she only wearing a shirt?" sure looked like it. MODESTY IS ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY! Dress in a way you want oTHERS to dress around YOUR hsuband!

Thank goodness.



All the time..lol


all the time, everywhere

every time

oh this is SO me!!!

Lol! I have nothing against tattoos but I know some people that think just because they have a scripture tattooed somewhere on their body that makes them better than everyone else!

:D lmbo my husband does this all the time!

leggins are NOT pants!

All the time lol

TRUTH. I may be bitter because my butts to big for them, but STILL, I feel naked wearing them with a "long shirt".

Yep, this is totally me, because we are told to sing in Church and make a joyful noise...and I absolutely follow that counsel!!! LOL

:) so true!