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Fresh Bag

Reusable silicone food bag for storage, freezing, reheating, and cooking.

Cool chopping board. Lays flat and then folds when you have to dump in the onions.

"Nessie Ladle"; $15.99 (I could care less it is "Nessie" but I would love a ladle that stands in the pot...would not want it to do so on the counter afterwards for "messie" :)

Wow, I need this! It walks around the pot, blending ingredients and keeping them from sticking to the bottom while you are doing other things.

Everyone's been there: You have half a lemon (or onion, apple, tomato, cucumber...) in the fridge, and by the time you're ready to use it, it's dry and shriveled. Food waste is a big problem, needless to say. Well, these Food Huggers might be here to save the day. The round silicone caps fit onto the ends of sliced fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh.via: joannagoddard.blo...

Good Housekeepingfrom Good Housekeeping

12 Clever New Ways to Use Binder Clips

Use every inch of freezer space by clipping bags underneath the shelf. You'll not only gain space, but items won't be hidden underneath other items.

Rinse Bowl & Strainer This 2-in-1 food bowl allows you to strain the water out with a quick slide up of the integrated strainer. Perfect fo...

This little Boil Buoy makes a sound when your water boils! Now I don't have to watch my pot :D

NAPOLEX Auto Car Drink Holder Storage Organizer Case 21 | eBay

GENIUS! - no more open bags of flour/sugar getting everywhere (and convenient pouring) - Smart! Have to do this..

Spring loaded drawer dividers customize drawers for effortless organization. The compulsively organised will love it.