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Fabric Christmas ornament • Décoration de noël en tissu www.fabricville.c... Click here to download Great idea for ruffles! Click here to download Ah! I really want an apron. Click here to download Crayon Apron Click here to download

Haley. The Great Lakes state. Saved through faith, by the grace of Jesus Christ. Falling deeper in love with the Creator day by day. As for everything else, I plan to be surprised. instagram // haleygasparotto

Molly-Meg is a design shop for children offering an edited selection of furniture, home decoration, toys and gifts. The shop specialises in ‘miniature classics’ from the to the present, showing the best of contemporary design along with vintage classics.

Beautiful simple dress to have in mind. Link is broken but the idea is floating around my head until the day I decide to use again the sewing machine... hopefully before the girls are too big.