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Grandmothers....  God Bless them ALL.

Quote - "A Grandmother is like an angel. Who takes you under her wings. She prays and watches over you and she'd give you anything." For gma fayes bday!

This is so true of my grandmother! :)

Earth de Fleur Homewares - Grandma's Love Tin Quote Wall Sign - (Reminds me of what my Mom said when my son was born.

to the moon and back!

My mom would read "I love You This Much" to me all the time because we both loved how much the little rabbit loved his mommy. So now I tell my momma that i love her to the moon and back. I have a pillow at home on my bed that says it also.


all these things.:)--Babies and kids make life worthwhile and fun.

My Babies Nicole is having just for me.

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For mama, I will love you forever &     never forget how amazing you were

Mother's love for her children! I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby. Mother quotes for mother's love. Mother to daughter quotes

For my daughter...... I am your mother...

I love my kids, but like I've told them, "I am not your friend, I am your parent. You HAVE friends. Too many kids have parents who want to be their friend, when what they really need is for their parents to act like PARENTS." My kids soo agree.

The Virtuous Girl

A beautiful cuff, with an amazing quote. Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future - Oscar Wilde

motherhood humor... This is so true. I feel excited to go to the grocery store ALONE these days!

i never thought grocery shopping would be a vacation but, alone, it is! I remember those days however I really don't like visiting the grocery store

And. Nanas.

Dedicated to the joy of being a grandparent. Food for thought, Fun things for grandmas to make for grandkids or Great ideas for activities to do with grandkids.

All Grandchildren are Brilliant, Beautiful and take after their Grandmother :o)

Grandchildren Wood Wall Sign are Brilliant, Beautiful and take after their Grandmother Painted