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  • Heather Cunnup

    Quotes About Having a Baby | This kid isn't even out yet, and he needs a haircut.

  • Sarah Hakli

    Natural childbirth, baby! I'm a tiger & I've definitely earned my stripes!;)

  • brianne koch

    OUCH! I am not looking forward to the pain, but it will be worth it to hold my baby girl. A mother's Pain & Love, nothing in the world compares to that bond!

  • Jane Doe

    A mothers love :) yet I still want to have kids .... sigh*

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Love this. Things like this make me realise how lovely my job is :)

Us as women were called to be mothers....I like this and it is true because we're all called on but its only true if you except the calling that heavenly father has given you, if you turn away and only except it when its convenient then you are not meant to be a mother. I love my children and are their for them everyday.

You will never need counseling if you choose life. You will always be stronger and admired for it.

For my Kynedy & Makynli;) u both bring such sweetness to our family.

Motherhood quote - Elder Neil L. Andersen (quoting Rachel Jankovic) - free printable download from hiya papaya, great for Mother's Day!

this is officially my favorite quote ever. thank you jackie. sooooo very true. some of her happiest moments r seeing or telling us to kiss n hug....n she loves pretending she is getting married and pretending to be me n marrying chappie lol. and i never saw a kid get soooo excited over a wedding anniversary.. she made us ice cream sundaes on her

Amen...enough of the excuses and justifications. You HAVE a choice everyday in how you behave or react to situations.

The Psychology of Colour < color can have a huge effect… set a mood, convey an emotion, invoke a physiological reaction or inspire people...

What a lucky person I am because I am surrounded by beautiful people!