Amazing Pirate Map Compass Tattoo

Baby's birthmark, mom's tattoo

3D Tattoos: Crazy, weird, and almost unbelievable. Ok, I would never ever do this, but if you are going to get one, go 3D!

Awesome 3D Tattoos

Bad ass. Just bad ass..... If only I had the guts to this.

All Time Low tattoo! love! already pinned this, i guess. but i'm pinning it again!


Wow! What an amazing tattoo! :) xx

I love those shoes!!! I know this pin is sposed to be more about the foot tattoo but those are over rated and they hurt..... I want the shoes!!!!!!

A beautiful tattoo- instead of the treble clef though I want to get an infinity symbol with birds the colors of my kids birth stones.

Watercolor Tattoos -- this would be amazing with my sister's portrait

mechanical. this is amazing.

Cool tattoo

absolutely amazing.

Best 3D Tattoos

Wow. This has some amazing colors!

I don't really care for skulls, but this one is pretty with the flower incorporated in it.

Colour tattoo