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15 year old girl taken from parents by hospital/DCF who allege that girl does not have mito, but rather pysch illness. DCF placed her in psych ward where she has remained for 9 months. Parents allege kidnapping. This is actually NOT uncommon---has happened across the US for years, due, in part, to the nature of mitochondrial disease which is difficult to dx, and easy to "fake" by parents. Doctors/hospitals worry about MSBP, malingering and over-medicalization. Where is the truth…

Studies have also linked mitochondrial dysfunction to autism spectrum disorders, cardiac issues and even some cancers. Scientists believe that in focusing on mitochondrial dysfunction, they may be able to devise effective treatments and potential cures for mitochondrial disease and help the millions of people who suffer from the above mentioned diseases.

Excellent video done by a child describing herself and her family, who suffer from mitochondrial disease. It shows the wide diversity of symptomalogy in mitochondrial disease, even within the same family.

from Mail Online

Shock decline of girl 'kidnapped' by doctors to use as 'guinea pig'

Evolving story of girl dxed with mitochondrial disease taken from parents and hospitalized in psych ward for 9 months. Hospital and DCF claimed she had somatoform disorder and parents were abusing her. Original diagnostician is world reknown mitochondrial disease specialist. Doctors who redxed her with psych illness work for CHB, no. 1 hospital in the US. Who's right; who's wrong. Almost doesn't matter because now the child is undoubtedly scared for life by egotistical "experts."

Every 30 minutes a child is born who will develop some form of mitochondrial disease before the age of 10. 80% diagnosed before age 5, will not live beyond there teenage years. There is no treatments, no cure and little awareness! WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THAT!!! Mito What? Is no longer going to be heard!

from Slate Magazine

Why It’s So Tough to Tell Mitochondrial Disease From Medical Child Abuse

Mitochondrial Disease or Medical Child Abuse? #FreeJustina


Brave Parents Who Have Already Buried 4 Children Fight Back after Their Daughter Is Diagnosed with Fatal Disease

New Hampshire Parents Who Already Buried Four Children Fight Back with Love as Their Daughter Faces Fatal Disease

The Truth About #Food #Additives #Infographic

The Truth About #Food #Additives #Infographic

Boy with mitochondrial disease builds elaborate lego hospital with help of Make-a-Wish.