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Periodic table-where me and my sis will name our future kids and pets from! :) @britt geisler Here are (almost) all of the elements of the periodic table portrayed as cartoon characters! You can see close-up versions of each element a... Educationfrom Education

Big Collection of Printable PDF Periodic Tables

Printable Periodic Table of the Elements - Periodic Tables to Download or Print Educationfrom Education

How To Memorize the Periodic Table

Get step by step instructions to memorize the periodic table of the elements, including printable tables and a blank practice table.

Free electromagnetic spectrum worksheets available at in the physics section under science.

"Element Connections" Purpose of game:  To review information about the Periodic Table and the elements.  This is best done as a review game at the end of a unit, when you have already taught about atomic numbers and weights, family groups on the Table (alkali metals, transition metals, etc.), and some basic facts about the more common elements. Educationfrom Education

Big Collection of Printable PDF Periodic Tables

Big Collection of Printable PDF Periodic Tables: This color printable periodic table covers all the essential element facts.

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Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt. Middle School Science Activity! Created by me. Great for an intro/exploratory Periodic Table activity. Teaching.

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The Joy of Chemistry — A Unit in Photos

Chart How to Read the Periodic Table and more chemistry ideas


Periodic Table Worksheets

Periodic table worksheets - making words from the periodic table; several word sheets available. #AETN #BeMore