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    Oils & Vinegars

    • 1 Essential oil if desired
    • 3 cups White vinegar


    • 6 cups Water, hot


    • 2 cups Hair conditioner, pick a scent you like

    Save LOADS of money by making your own fabric softener!

    • Cathay Ericson

      Homemade Fabric Softener: 2 cups hair conditioner, 3 cups white vinegar, 6 cups hot water. Add about 1/4 cup in HE washer.

    • amy madonia

      So simple!! DIY fabric softner. 3 cups white vinegar, 6 cups hot water, 1 bottle of conditioner. Stir the mixture. DO NOT SHAKE IT! Works great!

    • Jennifer Moore-White

      diy fabric softner.... 2 cups hair conditioner 3 cups white vinegar 6 cups hot water a container to mix it in

    • Brandy Ward

      DIY fabric softner recipe: 2 cups hair conditioner(Whatever scent you like best), 3 cup white vinegar, and 6 cup hot water. You just stir it until all of the conditioner dissolves, just dont shake it!!

    • linda chapman

      Homemade Fabric Softener 2 cups hair conditioner, pick a scent you like 3 cups white vinegar 6 cups hot water a container to mix it in

    • Erin Riddle

      Homemade fabric softner. 2 cups of scented conditioner, 3 cups of white vinegar, 6 cups of hot water. Stir till conditioner completely desolves. Use 1/4 cup per load.

    • Debbie Reese-Duffy

      diy fabric softner-2 cups hair conditioner, pick a scent you like (Here is a deal for .19/oz) 3 cups white vinegar 6 cups hot water a container to mix it in

    • Donna Pittman

      -Make Your Own Fabric Softener Needs: 2 cups of your favorite scented conditioner 3 cups of white vinegar 6 cups of HOT water A container to mix the ingredients and hold the softener in. *Mix all ingredients together. Use a pitcher to mix them all together. STIR- {DO NOT SHAKE} until smooth and then just pour it into an empty container. *Use 1/4 cup per load and it works great!

    • Pam {59Angel}

      Homemade Fabric Softener: 2 cups hair conditioner,( pick a scent you like) 3 cups white vinegar, 6 cups hot water. Instructions : Mix the water, vinegar & conditioner together. I used my big pitcher (easy to mix in and easy to pour into another container). Stir, don't smooth it out. Use a funnel and pour it into your old fabric softener dispenser.

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