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{Circumcision debate}

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{The CDC Says, Circumcise Your Sons}

Advice to embattled professionals about how to fight back.

{Plastibell Infant Circumcision} Watch every procedure before you OK it.

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EXACTLY what happened this month!

***WARNING: this article contains very graphic material that is not intended to be viewed by children. Some adults may be offended by it, as well. Viewer discretion is advised.*** It is often said that a "Plastibell" circumcision is painless and doesn't involve any cutting or blood. Many people say that it is a more "gentle" circumcision without any risks. All of these statements are false.

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{▶ The Truth About Circumcision - YouTube}

You have no idea!!

{Female Genital Mutilation: A New Fad in Town} "What if a teenage girl told her parents she’s done with tattoo and now she wants to go for a female circumcision, What words may come out of your mouth? How would you explain to her the exact meaning of female genital mutilation?"

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Circumcised myths

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Cutting, circumcision

Craig Simmons suggests trying this procedure when analyzing student work with your PLC in this Inservice post.

A lot of parents (particularly fathers) seem to actually think that their sons will "thank them" for having this procedure done while they are an infant and too young to make the decision for themselves. If given the chance to make the decision for themselves, I highly doubt many grown men would feel any negativity towards their parents for allowing them to make the decision for themselves.