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  • Isamar Anaya

    Powerful. This is a quote that makes me want to cry because it is so true. My childhood...where would i be today if not for those scars?

  • done with life.

    I have quite a few scars from a long time ago and I'm so proud to say I don't have any more cuts. Just scars. They're reminders of how strong I am now compared to before. If I can you can. Stay strong love you all x

  • Rita Tramontozzi

    I'm going to remember this quote every time I work w a client who asks me to cover up their scar...Never be ashamed of a scar, you were stronger #inspiration #quotes #quote #positivevibes #positivity #wordsofwisdom #words #enlighten #enrich #growth #life #love #happiness #live

  • Helen O

    battle scars quote. advice. wisdom. life lessons.

  • Dani Parks

    my stretch marks are my only scars.

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