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    Halloween Characters and Icons Round Wall Clock

    Not a question you hear every day! Although they might look like a colorful fashion statement for your cat, these nail caps might actually be a saving grace for you and your feline.   Guss, a beloved cat here at our office, is always good for a mischievous story! Besides play time with Momma’s new …

    ::::sigh:::: oh for spring again...

    Kitty Caps! I do this to my cat all the time to save my furniture. Harmless and cheap. Find them at Pet Smart!

    Soft Paws are a humane alternative to delcawing. These soft plastic caps slide on over the cat's nails and are held in place with pet-safe glue (similar to artificial nail glue). Each package is can last up to 4-6 months. If you love cats, please visit

    A chicken tracksuit

    fowl fashions for pet chickens

    Chicks In Hats

    Hipster chicken came before the egg.

    In honour of Fashion Week, check out this trendy bird...

    Fashion conscious chickens.

    David Peck-ham?

    10 things about raising chickens they won't tell you in books

    FREE ebook: Grandma's Guide to raising backyard chickens (Grandma's series). For Erin, chicken farmer

    silver wyandotte hen for fun facts about chickens | ahealthylifeforme...

    4 Lessons Keeping Backyard Chickens Have Taught My Kids from How I Pinch A

    Boredom Busters for Chickens tasty nibbles of wheat, seeds, fruit and molasses (hence you will find it is sticky to touch). Molasses were used, according to my old poultry keeping book, in poultry feed in days gone by, and is said to help the hens digestion.

    Everything you need to know about chicken treats

    Not sure what treats to feed your chickens? Want to see your hens go wild? Here's 7 treats my hens go CRAZY for!

    The Chicken Health Handbook makes the perfect gift! Written by renowned poultry author Gail Damerow, it is a wonderful resource for the small flock-owner. www.backyardpoult...

    1When keeping chickens or other animals, flies are an expected nuisance, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the overall fly population, thereby limiting the risks of disease they carry. Flies thrive in warm, moist, "fragrant" environments and different types of flies require different elimination tactics, making a multi-pronged strategy necessary. So...let's roll one out!

    If you're raising chickens, it's important to know which treats are nutritious and which are poisonous. Chicken Treats: What’s Hot… What’s Not | Backyard Chicken Project

    Herbs For Healthy Chickens – Ailments They Cure » The Homestead Survival

    Train your chickens to come when called, so you can let them out and get them in anytime you want. Also enables you to call them to safety when predators lurk. If you have multiple flocks, you can train each to come to a different call. Very helpful when you have new pullets free ranging with old flock, and need to get each flock to its own coop.

    **Him or the chickens**