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  • Wine Country Woman

    The Notebook (2004) Ryan Gosling and Rachael ALL TIME favorite movie!!

  • Connie Berry

    The Notebook (2004) - In honor of #JamesGarner. I know you are known for many other things, but #TheNotebook has to be my all time favorite movie! Rest In Peace <3

  • Shannon Saleet

    The Notebook (2004) ~ <3 this book & <3 Nicholas Sparks

  • Karen Grieve Tomblin

    The Notebook (2004) Stars: Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Ryan Gosling ,Rachel McAdams {This movie has every trite chick flick topic covered, but also has a sub plot that is magical.}

  • Johanna

    The Notebook (2004) - the best romantic movie ever!