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  • Barbara Richter

    Top 10 cat breeds in America No. 10: Sphynx A suede-like coat is the sphynx's most unmistakable feature, but he's also curious, smart and a clown who craves applause for his antics. In fact, he loves attention so much that you may want to consider getting him a fellow sphynx playmate.

  • Pletit

    Sphynx #cat #pets


    Can you guess the10 most popular pedigreed cat breeds in America? Click to see! (Vidar Skauen / Animal Photography)

  • Marion Norman

    Cornish Rex

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1. Siamese #1 most popular cat breed..personally dazzles, chats allday and night and insane curosity stuff of legends

I swear our next cat will be one of these! Persians & dark clothing are not a good mix!

I want a hairless kitty so much!!!

"He "meows" too much!" #cats #pets

pink bow, pink sphynx! Emmy took pictures of a hairless cat to preschool to share. She was so amazed by a hairless cat and wanted to share her excitement as well as giggles!!

sphynxes are energetic and gregarious. Owners often describe them as intelligent, inquisitive and affectionate. They like to entertain with silly antics and enjoy human attention. Possibly because they need warmth a little more than other cats, they like to cuddle up to a warm person or under the bed covers. ......... in Canada, they will need a sweater to keep warm.

  • Mandi Jo Porter

    My sphynx is extremely intelligent! You will never look at cats the same way again.. although I would describe his demeanor as a dog! He listens to me like a dog would and play like a dog would too! We love playing fetch! Cant seem to get him to like baths though! lol

Sphynx they are odd fellers,cute in there own way i guess.

I don't like hairless cats, but this is pretty cute.

Sphynx. I want a hairless kitty, they are pretty cute in their own way! Plus no hair getting all over!