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transition cards-  behavior management / student engagement

I Love everything about fun transition sayings! Confessions of a Primary Teacher: Transition Cards

Wow!  This is awesome!

Unlike the stop signs, this will hold the students accountable for their behavior! If they don't know what they were doing then I will probably need to refresh them on the rules!

Desk Checks {A FREEBIE} as seen on Second Grade Squad  www.secondgradesquad.com

All Students Can Shine: Desk Checks {A FREEBIE} Color and Grayscale versions I like this better than the Desk Fairy because I don't have to be sneaky or pretend it wasn't me.

Attention Grabbers - variation on "Class Yes" from Dragonflies in First: Holy Moly... Guacamole!

Holy Moly... Guacamole

very cute and unique attention grabbers- I especially like, "Tootsie roll, lollipop. We've been talking. I got them from a colleague the kids love them!

Brag bracelets for students to wear as you catch them being awesome! I LOVE this idea!! {Via The Hands-On Teacher in First}

Keep the labels and use friendship bracelets to just tie them right on students wrists! (any student, anywhere!) Brag bracelets for students to wear as you catch them being awesome! I LOVE this idea! {Via The Hands-On Teacher in First}

more classroom prizes - would be PERFECT to have for the students to draw from when they reach pink!

Instead of having to buy prizes for your classroom treasure chest, use prize coupons instead! LOTS of other great materials and ideas too!

Place Value Interactive Notebook Freebie

Place Value Interactive Notebook Freebie

I saw this idea here on Pinterest made on chart paper...so I made my own "Poster"...I LOVE IT!

Just another bit of spunk and a hint of classroom management. This creative poster is a way to insure that your students are always looking thier best. via valerie noles

Classroom Freebies: Classroom Reward Coupons

Classroom Reward Coupons

Classroom rewards, NO TREASURE BOX, alternative to class treasure box reward system. Classroom management great idea that saves money too!