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Explore Knee Forward, Feet Forward, and more!

Going to try these- " Frogger Swivels- start in a high plank. Bring one knee forward while twisting to meet the outside of the opposite knee. Repeat on other side then jump both feet forward to the outside of your hands and back out to a strong plank."

The Best Fat-Loss Workout of All Time

Side Plank T Raise--an advanced move for your arms and core! Uhh maybe someday, I may bust my face trying that right now

The Ultimate Hips, Bum and Thigh Workout by Amanda Russell

The Ultimate Hips, Bum, and Thigh Workout- 3 exercises, 50 reps, 15 minutes a day.. these 3 workouts will make you sore for days, on just one set of each. for beginners i definitely recommend 25 lunges, 30 squats, and 30 back extensions. i did the the sets in 3s and at 50 reps each...very good workout but can barely walk!! work your way up to 3 sets of 50

5 Moves to Work Your Core

Great for love handles! Do 2 sets of 6 reps each side...these are so hard they must work

The Yoga-Pilates Combo Class That Sculpts a Killer Butt

7 exercises for sleeker thighs in one month! This article has really good descriptions and pictures of the exercises too, which is super helpful :).

10 Flat-Abs Moves

Weighted Bicycle - The Best Abs Exercises for a Flat Stomach - Shape Magazine