Health. Health. Good Health.

so true

i think that was true of me before meeting him, wondering if there could be someone that found me attractive enough to genuinely want to fuck me, over and over again...while there have since been others since him, he is the only one i choose over and over again

living life with full compassion and full potential and not letting my external environment dictate who I am.

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Something we all should live by :)

to live

A great thing to live by this..

enjoy the beauty

Something to think about.

true living

give without remembering and receive without forgetting

If its important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find and excuse


The truth about everyone...

30 Motivational and Inspirational Picture Quotes

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sometimes this is hard to remember

this is why we should remove negativity from our lives and start being more understanding and loving even to the people we dont want to be. i truly believe this