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DREAM-TIME. 1997/2004 Dividers, poker chip, porcupine quills, opals, wooden screen-door part, steel-point engravings, ledger paper, 17th-century kozo paper, leather, paper, text.

Keith E. Lo Bue: Raccoon trap parts, forks, clock and door keys, iron wire, optometrist lens set, door latch, antique ceramic marble, color lithograph, sea urchin spines, crushed glass, watch face, austrian crystal bead, sterling silver, leather, paper, text, soil.

FUGITIVE PIECES. 2004 Jelly mold, silver-plated fork, eucalyptus nut, red sand, steel, brass, glass, engravings, plastic pearl, 17th-century kozo paper, leather, soil.

REQUIESCAT. 2003 13 x 11 x 5 cm (pendant) Serving spoon, porcelain doll bust, upholstery tack, brass drawer plate, opals, steel wire, brass, sterling silver, 16th-century paper, marble, bead, leather, porcelain button, paper, text, soil. Stand: Wood, etched and oxidized brass, steel, hardware. Collection of Charlotte Valestra, Santa Ynez, CA

Keith Lo Bue Neckpiece: HOW MOLECULES ARE MEASURED. 2002 Canning jar holder/opener, dental mold, spirit level, fork handle, ship hardware, window-numbering tack, lens, engravings, dresser plate, paua shell, eucalyptus acorn shell, 17th-century korean paper, iron wire, leather, paper, text, soil.

Keith Lo Bue - To the Invisible Girl. 2011 Victorian child's boot, 19th-century drawer pull, antique linen & rayon, Celtic money rings, waxed linen thread, fork tines, brass, copper, steel, antique bobbin lace, 1860 tintype, glass fused portrait, eucalyptus acorn cap, 19th-century engraving, sea urchin spines, velvet, 19th-century magazine photograph & book-liner fabric, labradorite, peridot, resin, Victorian pen nib, lens, choko nut, copper tacks, spiral-shank nails, 16th-century paper, soil.

Keith Lo Bue - The Story Without End. 2012 Oyster knife, steel, copper, brass, resin, chalcedony, 16th- and 19th-century papers, microscope hardware, pearl, showe button, harmonium knob, mica, labradorite, glass beads, starfish, sea urchin spines, paint, clay pipe fragment, leather, soil.

Neckpiece: THE REASON WHY. (A Riddle within a Riddle.) 2005 Victorian spoons, glass bottle, porcupine quills, sterling silver, pearl, resin, brass, steel, ebony wood cello peg, paua shell, opals, otoscope part, wooden rings, spoon handles, brass hardware, upholstery tacks, fork tines, velvet, leather, soil.

No.2 - WHAT MAY HAPPEN. 2002 Doorknob faceplate, camera shutter assembly, carved mahogany, nautical instrument part, machinists' guage part, brass, steel, victorian blue-glass, keys, silver, eucalyptus acorn shell, bat skull, dichroic glass bead, watch winding knobs, chain, measuring-tape winding knob, engraving, glass, paper, paint, text, soil.

Neckpiece: TWO SIDES OF HISTORY. (2009) $3,299.00 Steel animal trap, steel wire, drawer-pull, copper, nickel silver, brass, glass, upholstery tacks, pearls, antique steel keys, steel bolt, optometrist test lens, seaweed root-ball fragment, 18th-century French map, vintage earnuts, steel-point engraving (1850's), linen thread, leather, paint, soil.