Yet another reason J.K. Rowling is amazing!!

All the more reason 7 is my favorite number!

Interesting theory

Something to ponder on...and this is why there are college classes studying HP

It's an interesting idea for the Hermione and Harry dance scene. But for one thing, Ron brings the radio with him when he returns. I also am not fond the idea they share in the extras about the potential there between these two. They love the other as brother and sister. Harry said it had always been that way.

She's amazing. If I could, I would be her

haha, so true

One more sad fact: if I remember correctly, I actually DID cry when JK Rowling said this at the DH2 premiere.

If you didn't read Harry Potter, you wouldn't know:


Tale of the Three Brothers from Beedle the Bard - Harry Potter

i cling to these words....

Love this.

Emma is amazing

The 42 Sassiest Things That Have Ever Happened | Anytime Harry Potter did anything.

The Hallows

The Weasley Family