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This isn't even a photoshoot, it's just Zachary Quinto standing around a set. TOO ATTRACTIVE.

Can't help smirking every time I see Zach's adorable expression like this!

the elder wand. i highly doubt my math teacher would've appreciated this one. also, he never would've asked that easy of a question.

Spock is half human, it is only logical for him to have feelings + feelings run deeply within Vulcans, sometimes more deeply than in humans! and yes a big applause for a great recasting!

Original STAR TREK Cast Morphed with New Cast — GeekTyrant

I will eventually break down and give Z.Q. his own board, I just know it.

My Vulcan side is whining at the rest of me that this doesn't make sense, but I don't think the rest of me is listening... I'm not sure I want it to make sense though, it seems like something I might get in trouble for pinning! :P

I don't even watch Star Trek and this is awesome :) The song is The Joker by the Steve Miller Band. Go and listen to it... Now.

  • Zoë Hinojosa

    Omg XD got the joke I've been listening to that song since i was three

  • Sarah Brown

    LOL if see that episode too its great,

  • Alisha Helen

    Funny the first pic is of a senario in tombstone arizona, a replay of the gunfest. Hah. The second one is when they find a planet that is litterally the old style gangsters. Style, money, guns and territory. Haha

Green blood is *almost* as aristocratic as blue.

Spock, it is not about emotion, it is about the truth! Always was and always will be.

The Opposite of Spock the Vulcan is the iLlogical Creative. You Can't Be Creative When You Are Logical All the Time. I like Caricature Artists. They See Iconic Features the Rest of Us Are Blind To and Exaggerate It So All of Us Can See.