trança braid hair

Braided headband Awesome for sports. I should try this I play softball and this would be great!

I think this would be cool for a flower girl,  next time they ask me for suggestions I know what I'm showing them                                                                                                                                                     More

This picture has haunted me for about a year now. But seeing these step my step pics makes it less scary! Yay!

Waterfall and normal braid!

side-waterfall braid looks like maybe there's even an French braid in the beginning of

Double water fall braid

How to Make a Boho Braid: Boho Braided Hair Tutorials You Must Love

Braid Crossing! Five Star Braid Tutorial

Braid Crossing Welcome back! Thomas, and felt inspired to do a twisty-turvy Dutch braid tutorial

stay put headband…amazingly simple!

wanna do it! A bunch of fun hair tutorials, including this cute stay put headband.


Another bob hairstyle i want, and its a middle part, which will be a huge change for me because i rarely do middle parts. I will get this exact style but color my tips a aquamarine color.