Midnight circus

Love the lighting

The only thing I hate more than people confusing huskies for wolves is people who try to pass off huskies as if they were wolves... Please stop it.

Autumn perch

Whimsical bride

Fairytale fashion fantasy / karen cox. Once upon a time. Fairy tales by ILONA BITZ on 500px

4 Sass @ your fairy gardens made me think of this when I saw it. Faerie gown.Thank you so very much sis.....absolutely beautiful.... everything about wedding Every bride needs a white horse... #horse #wedding #bride

For Snow White may need a magic mirror to feel beautiful some day

Kelly Steffey

Hello Beautiful Photo.

fairy tale princess

I adore the fairy tale mood of Kareva Margarita's photos!

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Kept eternally at the age of 18 by the Water of Life, the Winter Queen can look deceptively innocent.

The branches tore everywhere. Her hair, her cheeks, her dress. She'd mind it, but she couldn't seem to mind anything right now, walking to a destination she didn't know exsisted.

White Peacock Fairy