Hummus is so expensive to buy but SO easy to make! I personally don't like tahini at all and always omit it. Love all these varieties!

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Perfect your salad. Pair the veggies you love with the best dressing

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Yummy. Maybe add some chicken and guac

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Easy Pad Thai with Chicken Recipe Source here You can find more Asian dish recipes on this blog. Feel free t...

Hemp Seed Hummus - vegan, low carb, with healthy fats; great as a dip, a sandwich spread or a filling for pita bread or tortillas -

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Get creative with hummus as another way to add protein and iron to your diet. | 22 Things You Should Know If You Want To Stop Eating Meat

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Cucumber Roll Ups ~~ sounds yummy! Cucumber and Hummus are a great combination! - Healthy and Diet Friendly Food Recipes. - Eating Yummy

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Large collection of low carb recipes suitable for Atkins Induction / Phase 1