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Smart door: двери, которые знают о вас все

love this, just bring the fridge forward a little - or a lot- or just angle the pantry so that it is bigger but doesn't go behind fridge.

THE FUTURE IS NOW The heart of the 'Family Hub' fridge is a 21.5-inch high-definition LCD touchscreen display on the outside of the refrigerator’s top right door. Using that screen, families can leave each other notes, share photos, check their calendars, mirror their Samsung smart TV, stream music, and partake in a host of other activities you probably never even thought you might want to do on your fridge (and, um, you might still not want to do). RF28K9580SG #samsung #insane #touchscreen

DIY Door Latch cover of the very first things I pinned was one of these that you could buy from an etsy shop. Unfortunately it didn't have instructions and needless to say, I've never ordered one. SURELY, I can summon the energy to make this one since it gives fail proof instructions!!!

19 Amazing Ideas How To Use Your Home’s Corner Space

Are you often complaining that the space of your home is too small to contain so many things of yours? Sometimes we cannot change the fact that we have a tiny home with a limited space. But expand your small space has never been a difficult thing. What you need is just the creative ideas. […]

Love this "behind the door" organizer idea! It adds so much more room for stuff while providing much more space to other things.

100 DIY Upgrades for Under $100

Sliding Screen Doors - The owners of this South Carolina home wanted a welcoming entry and loved the idea of keeping their front door open to enjoy the breeze while still keeping bugs at bay. The answer: sliding screened doors hung just inside the foyer

Hide Behind the Door Shelving System by Foremost , because it's possible to fit extra storage EVERYWHERE.