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Abandoned Salton Sea Beach Marina in Salton, CA.

Salton Sea, California - the lost resort. It once was rival to Palm Springs.

Visit the bridal shop where an embalmed corpse models the dresses. The tale begins on March 25th in 1930, when the odd-looking mannequin was first placed in the windows of La Popular, one of the most well-known bridal shops in Chihuahua, Mexico. Creepy Carnival Pictures and Ideas

carousel horse in front of rusty rollercoaster rails


A Great Image

Jungle Ride - Vintage caterpillar ride left behind in an abandoned amusement park

Abandoned doll factory in Spain this is creepy.

Noumeno Digital art and Photography by Giorgia Napoletano

Chernyshev's Manor near Moscow. Once a dazzling manor with two theaters and a beautiful garden, now it has been left to rot. All was lost with the fascist occupation in 1941.

Horror House - abandoned amusement park

Abandoned Mansion by *Eisblume

Abandoned castle

Abandoned buildings in Goussainville. Although the airport is supposed to maintain the buildings that are historically protected, they bricked up the windows of almost all of them & left them to decay.

Abandoned amusement park

Epitaph sculpture in Pere Lachaise Cemetery; Paris

foggy cemetery


The Enchanted Forest, Maryland 2003 The Merry Miller's House

Derelict amusement park

A derelict Hot dog stand.