Think-ets...great!... (Along with the pouch comes rules for a few games, such as “I’ll take one away, and you tell me which one is missing”, or “Make a story about the item you’re holding”) - could make your own


Story in a bag | How Does She...

Build a tower with pool noodle blocks then get creative with ways to knock them down! Inexpensive gross motor play that is fun for all ages! It's amazing how a simple tweak or alteration on a favorite toy can make a whole new game and experience.

In mint tin. How cute for a portable kit or sand tray.

Homemade Game pieces!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Doodle Craft...: Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set in Altoids tin! Great little traveling game!

How to make an I Spy Bag for Kids, Full Tutorial. This simple diy is a great idea for kid gifts for birthdays, christmas, or just to have a toy to occupy little hands. Less than1 hour this craft can be made quickly.

The Storymatic Kids! Make stories. I bet Jacques would get a kick out of this! (Sam more when he's 5+)

Long Trip Helps... When you're traveling, kids can pop the bubbles as they spot each of the items on the sheet.

Story Stones - such a good idea, you can make your own or have the kids make some and create a story with them!

Box of Story Stones

Not only are these fun and easy, but they are great learning activity for the summer holidays! Keep small hands busy!

help kids understand diff between city, state, country...

Shut the Box - Once your kids get hooked on this classic strategy game, you'll want to have dice, paper, and a pen with you any time you leave the house.

Worry Dolls- How to. I remember making these when I was young, but my grandmother told me to think about my troubles as I made it and then bury it in the woods to get rid of my troubles. Used to make them out of toothpicks.

Organize craft supplies

Free shipping and returns on Thames & Kosmos 'Rocket Science' Experiment Kit at How to become a rocket scientist? This kit is a good start. A step-by-step manual guides kids (and adults) through 18 mind-propelling experiments, from a "stomp on" rocket launcher to water- and air-powered models that demonstrate action, reaction, gravity and inertia. So whether you're wondering about air pressure or trying to escape Earth's gravitation pull, this all-inclusive bundle makes a fun ...