• Dana Smith

    Great hospital packing list for mom & baby. I like the baby bag part of this one, I've seen better ones for mom

  • Bayulia Gutierrez

    Hospital list for mom and baby

  • Penny Rainey

    Great hospital packing list for mom & baby. This is for her 5th, so you know it's actual useful stuff! I love the tip about putting Vaseline on the babies butt right away so the meconium diaper is a cinch to change! My husband will be so glad I saw this!... hopefully one day not too far off I will be packing a hospital bag for the second time in my life. Even though I've done it before its nice to have a refresher

  • Bianca Warne

    Great hospital packing list for mom baby. I packed way too much crap with my 1st kid, won't make that same mistake with the next! And that's my diaper bag :)

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