It's tough being a teenager, what with raging hormones, mood swings, and crazy-busy schedules. But it's certainly no picnic being the parent of a teen -- and having to listen to a teen's annoying sighs, grunts and groans.

Interesting article cluing parents in on apps that kids can use to delete their text messages and pictures, and in turn, the apps that parents can use to help protect their children while they are online or on their phones

Click here for a FREE handout to get teens thinking about the qualities of good writing. Works great as an emergency sub plan, too!

Teens lacking motivation to learn or do anything? Now what?

Life skills checklist for teens. How should teens be prepared for an apartment, necessities, fun and emergencies? Go over these questions with them to make sure they are truly comfortable with doing them instead of just head strong that they can make it on their own. l Does your teen know the value of values?

ParentingInTheDigitalAge ~ The Need-to-Know on Social Media Safety for Teens

The Easy Way to Teach Your Teen Life Skills like auto repair and home maintenance. This is the perfect program for homeschoolers and parents who would like their kids to be more responsible.

Grief and Loss - Teens

Life Skills Checklist For Kids And Teens #lifeskills

five ways to keep busy teens focused on what really matters

We are not at this point yet with Nick's kids and are FAR away from it with Madison, but it's something parents these days have to constantly think about to protect their children. It's a good read for all my friends with tweens and teens :)Social Media Contract for Kids | iMOM

easily the best parenting book I have ever read... and I went to counseling school- so I read a LOT!

On ASHA's blog: Apps for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities

"Tip Sheets for Parents and Caregivers Connecting With Your Teen" Simple, everyday activities can reinforce the connection between you and your teen. Make room in your schedule for special times when you can, but also take advantage of routine activities to show that you care. Tips to keep in mind:

Some interesting ideas about dealing with pre-teen emotions...

Raising a #teenager can have its fair share of hair-pulling moments. Not to fear— we've got you covered with 7 smart sanity #savers for approaching life with teens. #family

You're old if you think this is funny! LOL!!

Teen Driving Contract

10 ways to encourage a teen- whether in your neighborhood, family, community or church

Sometimes it can be difficult to find common ground with our teen. To help you get started, here is a list of conversation starters. #parenting #teens