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  • Kees van der Graaf

    The Abbott's Sphinx Moth (Sphecodina abbottii) caterpillar, have discovered that best way to [hopefully] survive their harsher younger years ( when they make a tasty meal to many predators ) is to have a big eye spot on their butts ( best place is always the other end from the real eyes ) . This isn't just your average eye spot, though , right down to the white reflection spot in the "pupil." If you poke the caterpillar, the little guy will squeak and try and bite the attacker.

  • Allison Wagner

    Abbott's Sphinx Caterpillar Legit took me a minute to figure out this was a bug

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Apparently a caterpillar that has evolved a body part (head?) to scare predators away.

Looks like a snake, right? Nope. This little guy is actually a caterpillar. Deilephila elpenor, known as the Elephant Hawk-moth, is a large moth of the Sphingidae family. The species is found throughout Britain and Ireland. Its range extends across Europe, Russia, and into China, northern parts of the Indian subcontinent, Japan and Korea (though not Taiwan).

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Striped caterpillar ... Actually, its a very hungry caterpillar munching its way to become an Austrailian Joseph's Coat Moth (not a monarch as I originally thought. Monarch caterpillars are black-white-yellow stripe)

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