Now kiss! I wish this had shown up in my university classes.

Genetics--I like how the tall side are all wearing flats and the shorts are wearing stilettos. Lol!

Yep. I laughed waaay too hard

Nerdy :D

#premed humor

Haha, the problem with molecular biology :)

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This chemistry professor: | 33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh (Want your Bad Romance)

T rex gets all the sympathy because of the tiny arms, but brachiosaurus have problems too! From: humor is the best.

i want this lego :)

I hated doing these charts in biology! This one is at least cute.

haha... only biology people would get this

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Codominance Panda #biology #Punnetsquares #enjoyedthisinclass

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square root.. math jokes, pun

reminds me of my neurology class... and strangely the professor. hahaha @Stefi Jessen @Andrea Sarkauskas @Lyndsey Waldburger

chemistry humor