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    Now kiss! I wish this had shown up in my university classes.

    So funny

    Haha, the problem with molecular biology :)

    These two. They win.

    Biology Class: Expectation vs Reality... pathetically true...

    ap biology cartoons - Google Search

    Hehehe Genetics humor. This means that that it is a hybrid gene! Ha! I learned this in science class today!!

    This Is Why You Should Never Fall Asleep In Class - 4 Pics - more funny stuff here:

    Funny Pictures Of The Day – 87 Pics

    haha... only biology people would get this

    Ha! Eel jokes!

    We just started a new lesson in my chemistry class

    Pinning this, humble bragging that I'm a SUCH A NERD because I love it, but really implying that I'm so super smart because I understand the science behind why it's funny.

    My students think teachers do this.

    #science #joke

    Lol oh Biology.

    this brought the nostalgia lulz.

    Ohhhhh this is my dog after 3...yeah 3....rounds of dog training. She gets WHILE we are in class so I know it's not the place we go. It's her... SMH.

    Ah, so this visually helps me with the concept of PQRST in the heart (...not the mnemonic for Pain Assessment lol)

    Gummy Bears! ♥

    oh biology