when is a pile of wood not a pile of wood?

Your ordinary log cabin is laid out with lengthwise logs stacked to make its outer walls. Piet Hein Eek, charged with building a cozy recording studio for friend and musician Hans Liberg, did not make any ordinary log cabin.

Victor Summers of Simple Shelter Texas creates simple, off-the-grid cabins in remote areas across the United States. A beautiful example of his cabins is this sleeping cabin made completely of reclaimed materials that sits on 40 remote acres in California.  Materials used to build the cabin were gathered up from previous builds.

Awesome Shinto-Inspired Sleeping Cabin Made From Reclaimed Materials In California Reclaimed Wood Cabin-Simple Shelter Texas – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Small log cabin with water wheel - Off the Grid living

I like the idea of a water wheel recirculating water to and from the creek to produce power when solar is not producing: Water wheel producing 24 kw power/day on 20 cm of running water (pending the building site can accommodate this

Marijn Beije Design provided angles of view from every space on the vessel, down to the sleeping and bathroom spaces with windows right out onto the water (but blinds for privacy, too). This recent grad has clearly spent a bit too much time in studio as of late.

"Tiny House" Catamaran Cabin Float, complete with deck & crow’s nest.

Kids would love it

One North Face tent sits atop a deck; another caps the main building, which contains a kitchen and dining area. Photo by Dean Kaufman.


Thatched roof garden shed with a rabbit hutch on the side by Cordwood Construction. - My Cottage Garden

Coolest playhouse ever

fairy house play house outdoor-play-space-ideas perfect for the girls playhouse!

Seelenkiste (Spirit Shelter) by Allergutendinge

The "Spirit Shelter" - a tiny structure designed for self-reflection, has lofted bed and study spaces that cantilever over the main floor - exterior - photos / floorplan : SmallHouseBliss

Adorable 72 Incredible Wood Backyard Pavilion Design Ideas Outdoor https://roomaniac.com/72-incredible-wood-backyard-pavilion-design-ideas-outdoor/

72 Incredible Wood Backyard Pavilion Design Ideas Outdoor

The Fern House by Robert Swinburne is a screened sleeping porch in the woods for summer naps and overnight guests.and my Colorado dream house.

Fred and Ed's cabin at Camp Joy, an organic farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Cruz, CA

Fairy Tale House in Georgia. Looks like a little cottage where you might find a trio of fairies hiding Sleeping Beauty from the Wicked Queen.

schicke moderne berghütten architektur futuristisch holz

Mini Wood Log Cabin on Wheels. Music Studio Commissioned by Hans Liberg and designed by Piet Hein Eek // Office in the Garden Idea?