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These Perspective-Shifting Photographs of Model Vintage Cars Are Brilliantly Created

Behind the Scenes of Elgin Park, a Retro City of Optical Illusions Photographed by Michael Paul Smith

Behind the Scenes of Elgin Park, a Retro City of Optical Illusions Photographed by Michael Paul Smith

Elgin Park, a fictional century town filled with miniature models of cars and buildings. Smith mixes his carefully crafted model sets with die-cut automobiles and real-life backdrops, taking advantage of an optical illusion known as forced perspective.

Wintertime in Elgin Park - Model Display

Wintertime in Elgin Park

Model maker and photographer Michael Paul Smith has a 25 year experience in handcrafting scale models. Using forced perspective the artist brings them to life in his imaginary town called Elgin Park.

Slide 2 Vacation at the Lake | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"Vacation at the Lake" from the 'Elgin Park' series by Michael Paul Smith. Smith places miniature model cars against real full-sized backgrounds to recreate vintage-looking prints.

Elgin Park – Remarkable American Town Frozen in Time (It's really a 1:24 diorama)

Elgin Park – Remarkable American Town Frozen in Time diorama)

Alfa–Romeo 2900 B Speciale Touring Coupè, 1938 - model by CMC in scale.

1958 Edsel Station Wagon

Elgin Park - elginpark

Welcome to Elgin Park! Please note that these images are now available for purchase as or prints.

Inspiration: None of These Cars is Real | Michael Paul Smith from New England, USA is a model car enthusiast and photographer and creator of these fun and highly detailed photos of scenes from the past. Using a forced perspective technique, he tricks our eyes believing that the small model cars and objects are a part of the background scenery, which creates a flawless transition that blends seamlessly.

Photographer, Michael Paul Smith, Creates Lifelike Images of American Streets Using Toy Car Models and Forced Perspective miniature dioramas cars

Revisar su trabajo vale la pena. Foto: Kim Leuenberger - atraccion360.com

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Michael Paul Smith

This like an old photograph from the but it's actually a detailed model from artist Michael Paul Smith, who's compiled his scenes into Elgin Park, a.

Elgin Park Photos

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Artist Spends Years Taking Photos Of Elgin Park, But… Look Closely… These Are No Ordinary Photos…

Fire Engine, Fire Truck