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  • Abby Werner

    This movie is my all-time favorite movie that Will Ferrell has done and the only movie i never get tired of watching during the holiday season

  • Ann Lipscombe

    Elf (2003) One of my All Time favorite Christmas Movies

  • Tris Prior

    Elf (2003). I'll admit it. I just never got Will Ferrell until I saw elf. He's childish, but in the best way possible. When holiday stress starts to edge out the good stuff, I pop this dvd into the player and get the joy of the season back again. I don't care that I'm ten, but I still like the little kid Christmas movies like Frosty and Rudolph. #child@heart.

  • Ashley Shastany

    Elf is my favorite holiday movie. This is Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?!

  • Adelynn Peterson

    Elf!! Absolute Favorite Christmas Movie! "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?!" 😝

  • Haley H.

    In my family, we watch Elf every year throughout the christmas season. It is my favorite movie of all time; I watch it when it is not Christmas too!

  • Amber Diego

    Elf (2003) One of the best movies ever!

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Movie night at Discretion Brewing! On Sunday 12/22 at 6pm we'll be screening Elf! Grab a Discretion beer, some Penny caramel corn, and cozy up with Will Farrell. Sounds like a new Christmas tradition to us!

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