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  • Linda A. Foote-Martin

    Native American Indian Sitting Bull, a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux Holy Man who led his people as a Tribal Chief, is remembered as the man who defeated Custer and the U.S. 7th Cavalry in the1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn in Montana Territory. Sitting Bull became a fugitive after this battle but refused to surrender and escaped into Canada, where he remained in exile for many years. Hunger and cold eventually caught up with him, and in 1881 (date of Photo) Sitting Bull surrendered to Army forces.

  • Katie Driscoll

    native indian people - Google zoeken this "native indian person" is Chief Sitting Bull one of the most iconic Native American leaders in Anerican history. I am appalled that you would refuse him his name, his heritage, and his historical/cultural clout.

  • Katherine KD

    Sitting Bull, very wise! First read about him and read a speech of his when I was 14 which reasoned with me, a profound declaration of free spirit and humen's relation with Nature... What a philosopher and inspirational man for his contemporaries and beyond!

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