True Story...I want to use my iPhone to call someone the other day...and for a brief moment, I couldn't remember how to do that, or where the button was for that function... :P

secret (noun) - something you tell everybody to tell nobody.

Especially if you're single!

Pintercepted: When you are just about to do something, but decide to check Pinterest for a quick second...which turns into an hour-and-a-half #pinterest #addiction #pintercepted #humor #plastic #surgery



Just saying

You. Y'all. All y'all.

i work with this woman who pulls out her hand sanitizer every time i have a paper cut. She says it helps, but i know she just hates me.

so true!

Funny! Nicely done.

ain't that the truth

...but it is worth it. Life is short - eat desert first.


So true!


hahaha.... true story