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Almost every single workout video is on this blog... from insanity to P90X...I'm set for life!

Almost every single workout video is on this from insanity to set for life! (Brazilian Butt Lift is on weight

Dumbbell Workouts

Dumbbell Exercise Poster - 4-Week Workout Plan for Women

Transform your body completely with dumbbell exercises and workouts. - Dumbbell Workout Poster - Dumbbell Workout Plan - Workout Calendar - 2 Workout Logs Everything you need in one package to pilates workout for abs


8-Minute Abs Workout Poster

No equipment? No problem this minute Abs + core workout" is all you need to strengthen and tone your core muscles. This easy abs exercises poster is presented in a clear and concise manner. Each ex(Leg Workout No Equipment)

Awesome butt move

Wall bridge

Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy flatten and thighs/butt get toned… all you need is a wall. Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy flatten…

ADJUSTABLE SPORTS BRA, AS SEEN ON ABC'S "SHARK TANK" The Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra empowers all women regardless of age, athletic level, or breast size. Our goal is to provide you with the most impor

Ultimate Sports Bra™

Strengthening your hip joints can help cure running injuries.

3 simple moves for stronger hips

Your achy knees while running may be due to weak hips. Strengthen the hips and running may be enjoyable again. not to mention, these exercises help shrink your hips! - I personally am not a runner, but I do happen to have very achy knees!

100 Running Songs with youtube links to preview them

100 Running Songs

Burn 2,000 Calories on the Treadmill Stay slim on your treadmill all season with this 7-day plan from Jenny Hadfield, author of Running for Mortals. Monday Power walk: 30 minutes  Strength-train: 20 minutes  Total: 50 minutes  Tuesday Warm up: Walk easily, then briskly: 3 minutes  Power walk: 2 minutes  Run fast (but don't sprint): 2 minutes  Repeat Steps 1 & 2: 10 times  Cool down: Walk easily: 2 minutes  Total: 45 minutes  Wednesday Warm up: Walk easily: 5 minutes  Do your favorite…

Our Best Cardio Workouts: Treadmill, Elliptical, Spinning, and Equipment-Free Routines burn calories

Another Pinner< Jillian Michaels Workout: 4 Amazing Abs Exercises. I like this woman a lot. Her workouts usually aren't that complicated, but man do they make you sore the next day.

Jillian Michaels Workout: 4 Amazing Abs Exercises

Want a flatter sexier stomach? Then try out Jillian Michaels Ab Workout: 4 Amazing Abs Exercises this weekend and feel the burn

beach workout

Beach workout

Malibooty Workout - no lunges, low stress on your knees.with actual animated illustrations

4 moves for a 6-pack. Three times a week do one set of 20 reps of each move in order without resting then repeat the entire routine..

Audrina's 4 Moves for a Sexy 6-Pack

Audrina Patridge& Workout consists of 4 moves for a sexy Cat Raise, Cross-Legged Lift, Compound Crunch, and Offset Bridge. Two or three times a week, do one set of 20 reps of each move in order without resting then repeat the entire routine once or twice.

Wish you were able to roll out of bed and squeeze in a workout in before the crack of dawn? All it takes is a notebook, a smoothie, and a little motivation. Fitness Instructor Specialist Angela Simpson shares her favorite morning workout tips.

10 Tips to Become a Morning Exerciser

10 Tips For Becoming a Morning Gym-Goer - I'm already a morning person.now I just need to be a super active morning person!

6 weeks of amazing meal plans.  All laid out and organized for you, just buy the ingredients and put together your meals!

Your Best Body Meal Plan: Week 4

yoga exercises to strengthen and straighten your upper back

Slouchers, practice this—yoga exercises to strengthen and straighten your upper back--- I have awful posture so maybe this will help