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This isn't me, but I'm considering getting the stars behind my ear and I haven't seen anyone with them there before. I got the last paragraph of Halloween from Sorcerer's Stone on my inner forearm just over a month ago and I love it.

Love love love that this HP tattoo isn't accompanied by any pictures or swirls or anything.. And that it's just a font the individual liked, not something from the book. Not too much, but just enough HP nerdiness. [;

I must not tell lies. I love the idea of a white ink tattoo, and this one is pretty frickin fantastic

I will always think these tattoos and their owners are awesome!

This is the one I'm going to get (although someplace else, wrists will be full) when I know it's my "last" tattoo. Maybe on my 80th birthday. :)

Black & white Harry Potter tattoo. Absolutely love this. This is so well done!!!

Yes this is a Harry Potter qoute tattoo, bubt I think getting it in white ink would be cool as a memorial to any loved one that you lose and/or love. Looking at it will remind you of any and all who have touched your life without having to have a bunch of different tattoos and names on you.

This happens to be one of the best Harry Potter quotes out there.

HP FTW. Thinking about getting a Harry Potter tattoo myself...