Jennie Somogyi, Principle with NYC Ballet

NYCB by Henry Leutwyler #stage #ballet #nycb #photography #henryleutwyler

No pain no game right?! I would be crying too!

Those feet!


Ballet is strength

Pointe. @Areefa McKnight McKnight Khericha, reminds me of you walking around your apartment in pointe shoes. :)

Paloma Herrera's feet. It's not all about tutus and sweet awesomeness

dancers' feet after 6 hrs of pointe rehearsal

Kitri- Dream Scene P0302B | Dancewear by Patricia

Dancers Feet!


pointe work

what's the pointe

Ballet Dancer

First dancer is Veronica Gutierrez of the Los Angeles Ballet Academy

dance | creams | silk | point shoe | ballerina | ribbons | tutu | skin | feminine | pale |

Amazing flexibility and strength


a transit dancer