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old roses: Wallpaper on old wood, then sandpaper.... I dont know what i would do with thins, but i like it!

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Love the duck egg blue wall & all the gorgeous paper pieces attached. Yum!

by Vibeke ...

Display Postcards. I'm attempting to send a postcard a week this year as a way to spread joy via snail mail ~ which everyone loves getting!

Alicia Buszczak #Letters #writing http://www.amazon.com/The-Reverse-Commute-ebook/dp/B009V544VQ/ref=tmm_kin_title_0

Ciseaux anciens

Home Decor | Living Room: Love This Wallpaper & the hanging pictures arrangement. #hangingpictures #homedecor #livingroom #wallpaper

Wall Art Idea

Karen Michel: Reflections of Gratitude and Offerings, Mixed Media Wood Collage.

Merve Ozaslan

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collage/paint flamingo

just lovely

sweet walls

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