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Sorry honey, He never told me He hates me,I'm stupid, a whore, a bad mother,etc etc.... But how many fellas have you said the same shit too? They are all the loves of your life? Get real! You ain't got shit on me darling never have and never will. You are sad and pathetic And EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT YOU REALLY ARE..... a PIECE OF SHIT!

The ones who keep sending me pins and messages on instagram and then deleting them thinking I won't see them... they still show up in the notification bar honey so I do see them and know it's you ;)

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: Thank you for talking about me all the time.. You've only proved to me and everyone else you're a crazy jealous bitch.

Never mistake my kindness for weakness, my silence for complicity, or my patience for uncaring. I will silently, patiently bide my time and then fuck you up!

I will warn you in advance. I'm one tough bitch so when you stab me in the back I'm going to pull the knife out and kill you with it.

Some people mistake my kindness for weakness.... what they fail to realize is how much strength it really takes to keep me from punching them in the face!!!

I'm tired of being the bigger person. One day, I'd like to be the bitch they claim I am.