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BAHAHAHHA I gotta try this

Put headphones into nostrils + open mouth = instant speakers. This is so weird but cool!

Pinned this cause i want to remember to do it and take a pic of it!!!! :D

"Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer. light a dandelion on fire" Well I saw this and thought 'what the hell?' Ima light a dandelion on fire.

I'm done...I've never been so mind blown!

Some Very Small Epiphanies That Will Change Your Outlook On Everyday Life. Change your outlook

Weird yet useful facts

Weird yet useful facts

The mosquito bite only works with roll on liquid deodorant we use it at the campground all the time<<< Good to know

this is so cool!!! and not permanent!!! For my dragon statue<<< Ooh...something fun and...NOT ILLEGAL! :D

Make Moss Graffiti

this is so cool! and not permanent! For my dragon statue<<< Ooh.something fun and.NOT ILLEGAL! :D<< the photos are fake. They're actually cut and pasted onto the walls. A DIY video of this is on Threadbanger.

Lol we watched the mermaid documentary in geography once, lots of people believed it and our teacher just laughed at us. He also showed us one on how dinosaurs still exist.

For Nemo. I think I should watch more scary movies ;) And, if you had actually watched the Fast and Furious movie you would know they obviously had to make a

Mind-blowing facts you probably didn’t know… WOOOOOW

Mind-blowing facts you probably didn’t know…

Funny pictures about Mind-blowing facts you probably didn't know. Oh, and cool pics about Mind-blowing facts you probably didn't know. Also, Mind-blowing facts you probably didn't know.

Gambit Card Throwing. My friend's dad is a magician and he's always flinging cards at me. NOT ANY MORE COLLIN!!! >:D

Basic technique to throw playing cards