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    • Allie Snyder

      My cousin made reference to this, and thought it was so damn funny. You know what this sweater is made of? (These Ryan Gosling things make me laugh. Just the whole fact that it turned into a giant meme is amusing to me. And the people who write some of them are just so spot ON on the target audience for the humor. Hey Girl, FTW!)

    • Becky McQuinn

      ryan gosling meme hey girl boyfriend material

    • Sarah M

      There are so many of these, but this one is such a funny pick up line!

    • Kristen Fenn

      boyfriend material #ryangosling #heygirl

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    Baby Got Back! (I almost choked I was laughing so hard)

    Ryan Gosling is a favorite of EVERYONE

    Ryan Gosling. if i wasnt in a commmited and loving relationship i might jump him ♥

    Hey Ryan, it's okay I understand.


    YES! This is hilarious!

    me and friends seriously like had this conservation before and i want someone to make this happen

    "I bet Ryan Gosling doesn't even blow his candles out. He probably just winks at them and they faint."

    this is what i've been saying... everyone says red heads are crazy and likely to shoot you, but a brunette will sneak up behind you and slit your throat lol

    I would never ric rac your tux Ryan, but knowing that you would be ok with it... True love. Hahaha.

    Sometimes I fantasize about a world where I'm in charge, chocolate makes you skinny, and everything is always 75% off.