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  • Becky Gammon-Edmonds

    Did you know ordinary cereal can be used to demonstrate the properties of static electricity in an engaging science project? Kids can learn to love science if they are given the opportunity to learn about it within the context of the word around...

  • Ann King

    Static Electricity Science Project For Kids: Swinging Cereal

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Cool electricity projects to do with kids. I love this whole blog!

static electricity science project! Using an aluminum can, a balloon, felt (or by rubbing on socks or hair) watch as the static electricity attracts the can by extending the balloon towards the can-Then see it ROLL!

Ugh! Socks sticking to my t-shirt!  When I run across the carpet, I shock my friends! Mom, what is this?? This goes back to basic science!  Remember that everything is made up of atoms and atoms have 3 parts to them – neutrons, protons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are at the center of an …

Static Electricity - Natural Science Worksheet (Grade 6)

11 Simple Science Projects for Kids We love doing science projects at our house. Many of them are easy activities that are lots of fun for kids, and where learning is definitely a byproduct even if not the direct focus.

ok cool science projects for kids

Static Electricity: Gravity Defying Snake {Kid Science} - super cute science experiment about static electricity with free printable.

Home School Science. Electricity Projects - loads of ideas plus I love the idea of doing a day without electricity - how would we survive!!!

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